Craig Seaman

Associate Director, Dispositions

Responsible for TIR’s disposition efforts

Plays a key role in acquisition sourcing and analysis efforts

Craig’s responsibilities entail coordinating TIR “Whole Forest Monetization” strategies, with a focus on the sale of both recreational and conservation-oriented assets from clients’ portfolios. He also plays a key role in TIR’s acquisition sourcing and analysis efforts. In both capacities, he works closely with the firm’s Senior Investment Foresters and its Acquisitions Team.

Prior to his current assignment, Craig held several roles of increasing responsibility with TIR.  He most recently served as a Senior Investment Forester overseeing a diverse collection of timberland properties in North Georgia, the Lake States, and the Northeast. In a previous role, that of Senior Investment Analyst, he managed TIR’s Resource Information System (RIS). In that capacity, he managed reporting and was responsible for the geospatial data, timber inventory, harvest scheduling, and the recreational license components of RIS. Earlier in his career, Craig was a Research Analyst with Timber Mart-South, a premier provider of data and information on timber pricing and supply and demand trends to both the forest products industry and the forest investment community. As a student, he completed internships with Metro Appraisals, Inc., of Atlanta, where he was trained as a land appraiser. He also worked with Forest Management Services, LLC, where he cruised and marked timber, performed inventory analysis, and worked on a habitat protection project that was designed to support a population of endangered red-cockaded woodpeckers. He also completed an internship with the timber-REIT, Rayonier, Inc., where he also performed a number of timber inventory and data management duties. Craig holds both a BS in Forest Resources and a MFR (Master of Forest Resource Management) in Forest Business Management from the University of Georgia. He also earned an MBA in Finance at Georgia State University. Craig is a Registered Forester in Georgia and is a member of the Society of American Foresters.