Strategy & Philosophy

About Timberland Investment Resources Europe, LLP


Our investment philosophy is anchored by the belief that the global forest industry and forest ownership sectors are inherently inefficient and that with insight, foresight, skilled due diligence and outstanding management, these inefficiencies can be identified and exploited to produce risk-adjusted, above market returns.

We have both the investment skills necessary to opportunistically acquire forest assets that have long-term growth and financial potential and the forest management capabilities necessary to ensure that this potential is achieved.

We will focus on building a portfolio that will have exposure to a full range of global markets for forest products and services. Its holdings will produce pulpwood for the paper and packaging sectors; solidwood offerings for the lumber, panelling, flooring and furniture sectors; and, wood-based bio-feedstocks for the rapidly expanding renewable energy sector.

We will make and operate investments with a strong emphasis on environmental stewardship. In addition to managing clients' assets responsibly, we also will seek to capitalize on the emergence of a global market for forest-based carbon credits and we will aggressively pursue opportunities to create and monetize conservation values derived from sustainable forestry practices and the protection of highly sensitive lands.

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