Strategy & Philosophy

About Timberland Investment Resources Europe, LLP


Our management team employs a disciplined and cautious approach to investing. We use fundamental economic research and biometric analysis to identify geographic regions that offer the potential to generate superior risk-adjusted returns from both diverse sources of revenue and long-term asset appreciation.

Our investment strategy also entails allocating capital across a diversity of end-use markets and tree species. The portfolio will be anchored by a selection of high quality, core investments in the U.S. Southeast, but management also will consider a broad range of strategic opportunities in Europe, South America, Australia and New Zealand. A particular and early emphasis will be placed on both Romania and Brazil. These regions and countries are characterized by developed or emerging forestry infrastructures and they offer the potential to meet global demand for wood fiber and other forest products and services on a highly competitive basis because of their growing mill capacities and the emergence of legal and regulatory structures that are conducive to forest ownership and management.

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